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Re-Keying Services – Apache Junction

Having been in the industry for quite a number of years now, Apache Junction Locksmith Pros have definitely mastered the art of resolving all lock related troubles. This goes hand in hand with the inception of the re-keying services in Apache Junction, AZ which are equally amazing. Residents of A.J. will be treated with a professional collection of service which will definitely have you enjoying quick and precise services. Apache Junction Locksmith Pros have already established a reliable market reputation which means that their services are appreciated by many. It’s important to note that lock installation and other lock related services such as re-keying should be handled by professionals so as to be on the safe side.

If you happen to be moving into a new residential home or a commercial space, you should definitely consider the re-key services in Apache Junction, AZ. This has been known to be a very effective measure of precaution that ensures security of your valuable items. The inception of the re-keying method has been appreciated by many as it is a much more affordable process. We all want to save some extra money for other pressing issues in our lives and the best way to do so is by using the re-key services.

Why re-keying is better than changing the entire lock

Basically, re-keying involves a process of changing the pins on the lock cylinders where the key is usually inserted. This system can basically be described as the engine of the locking system and a complete change of this system is enough to ensure safety. The newly installed cylinders will require a complete new set of keys and their functionality may also be different. This is a great way to save cash and what’s even better is that it is equally safe and secure. The process also takes a lot less time and has no damage to the surface of your doors.

Reasons why you should re-key your locks

Reasons as to why you should re-key may be presumed to be obvious but it’s usually better to have them spelt out so you can understand the importance of the service. Residential and commercial properties are known to hold very valuable items and there’s always the need to keep these items safe. Some specific people may have been assigned a key to the premises but what are you supposed to do when their access is no longer warranted and they still hold a copy of the key? Re-keying happens to be the ideal solution that takes very little time, costs a lot less and the eventuality is quite professional.

Even as you consider the lock re-keying services in Apache Junction, Arizona, you should also consider other services such as key control. These, among many other services have been known to work hand in hand in ensuring the security of your premises. Remember that in addition to having professional services, Apache Junction Locksmith Pros is the only authorized dealer in Medeco key cutters and Medeco blank keys. This is probably the best locking system to install as no duplicate keys can be made without authorization hence enabling you to keep track of your keys and your locking system.

Some of the re-keying services we offer in A.J.

  • residential deadbolt & door lock rekeying
  • master key systems (all locks re-keyed to be opened by one master key)
  • commercial & high security lock rekey service
  • automotive door, trunk, ignition, and glove box lock rekey service
  • mailbox lock rekey services
  • file cabinet & drawer lock rekeys

If the lock type you are looking to re-key is not listed above, it does not mean we cannot service it.  Just give us a call and we will let you know if we can help. Call us today!

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