Sep 03 2012

Double Locks: Lock Options For Your Home Security

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If you are interested in double locks then you should make sure you are choosing the correct one for your needs. Double locks are used for extra safety in your home or sometimes your office. Here is a short list of some of the best double locks that are available for you. We highly recommend any of these types of locks. At Apache Junction Locksmith Pros, we would love to help you give our expert advice on which type of lock would work best for your situation.

Security Chain Locks

You have most likely seen these in many apartment buildings or even on television shows. We simply install the security chain on the inside of the door molding. We then install the slide catch to the inside of the door. These types of locks allow you to still open your door a few inches so you can see who is there without having to completely unlock the door.

Swing Door Guard

This type of lock is most commonly seen on hotel room doors. These are stronger than a chain and will not leave unwanted scratches from a chain swinging around. We will simply attach the knob side of the lock to the back of the door. Then we attach a large u-shaped piece to the door jamb. These locks also allow you to open the door a few inches without unlocking the door.

Single Cylinder Deadbolts

These are generic deadbolts that can be attached to any front door. On the outside of the door is a key slot. On the inside of the door there is a simple thumb switch. This type of deadbolt lock features a stronger lock and it moves slower than a spring loaded lock. Due to this, the lock is more efficient in keeping unwanted intruders out.

Double Cylinder Deadbolts

This lock is best used on storage units or doors with glass inserts. There is a key slot on each side of the door. A key must be used to unlock the door no matter what side you are standing on. Even if someone were to try breaking into your home or storage unit, it would be virtually impossible due to the fact that they do not have a key to open the lock.

As you can see, when looking for a second lock for your door you have many options.  AJ Locksmith Pros would love to help you find the perfect one for you. We will happily find one that suits all of your needs and install it within 24 hours, anywhere in Apache Junction, Arizona! If you have any question, feel free to call us at your convenience. We are always here to help you keep your home and office safe.

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